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Optimized Course

This course is the least time-consuming and most-effective method of learning legal writing skills.

Develop Confidence

Impress your reader with your clarity, succinctness, and organization.

Personal Touch

Our founder designed the course based upon 30+ years as a litigator and professor. 

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Minute Videos
Course Objectives

We Are On A Mission To Help You Launch Your Legal Career

This course is highly optimized, which means this is the only course that you will need.

Watch short and targeted videos and review real-life pleadings in order to write powerful legal documents.

Completing the course will provide the skills to take your legal writing to a whole new level.

Write Effective:


What WE Do Differently

Legal Writing Launch v. Other Courses

There is no filler with our course. The course gets right to the point. Quick, easy and effective lessons help students become legal writing professionals.

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Complete Course

Our course is complete with no monthly fees. We also offer a Certificate of Completion.

Lifetime Access

We provide lifetime access to our course. Revisit the material as often as you would like, forever.

Internalize Skills

Analyze and write like a legal pro anytime and all the time.

Transform Your Legal Writing Skills Today

About The Instructor

Professor Beverley R. Meyers

Professor Meyers has over 30 years of experience practicing law and teachinging students legal writing skills they need to excel in law school as well as in their careers. 

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What Students Have Said

New Lawyer

"Legal Writing Launch (LWL) has been my savior. Each reading and writing assignment, in LWL, is designed to help students develop their legal writing skills gradually and effectively."
Kanako K. Blondet, Esq.
Law Offices of Kanako K. Blondet Long Beach, California

Bar Exam Success

"Having taken the California Bar twice, I then took the LWL Weekly Zoom Meeting Add-On, and passed! I wish I had discovered LWL long ago; it would have made a huge difference in my legal education and my Bar performance."
Richard Rose
John F. Kennedy School of Law, J.D., Class of 2019 California Bar Exam passage, October 2020 Bar Exam

Law Student

"I took the Legal Writing Launch Course (Course) the summer before my 1L. I am extremely happy that I did! Taking this course has significantly bolstered my confidence going into law school."
Alex Kleinman
Tulane University School of Law, Graduating Class of 2024

“It’s none of their business that you have to learn how to write. Let them think you were born that way.”

~ Ernest Hemingway


Who Should Take This Course

We are frequently asked whether or not this course is right for you, so we made a list of those we believe would get the most benefit from this program.

  • Incoming law students
  • Law students ready to work in their first job or internship
  • Law students who are about to take their State Bar Exam
  • Law students who are about to take the Baby Bar Exam 
  • Students who have failed a State Bar
  • Students who have failed a Baby Bar
  • New lawyers
  • Solo practitioners

Our legal writing course is designed to enhance the skillset for those seeking or have LLM Degrees, specifically those:

  • Taking an LLM course
  • Taking the Bar Exam
  • Passed the Bar Exam, requiring assistance in practical and professional legal writing
  • Practicing paralegals 
  • In private, governmental & non-profit employment  
  • Human Resources
  • Regulatory Compliance 
  • Risk Management

More Questions

Legal Writing Launch offers different purchase options.

The Course ($199)
In the main course, students will review:

  • Short videos prepared by the founder providing writing examples and analysis
  • Concise lecture notes drafted by the founder also addressing writing examples and analysis
  • Select readings
In each document, students will learn how to:
  • Spot issues
  • Develop issues
  • Draft strong paragraphs
  • Use the IRAC/CRAC format
  • Write in plain English
  • Develop their grammatical skills

Assignment Editing ($899 $599 Add-On)
The student will draft and submit each assignment specified to Professor Meyers, who will then edit each assignment promptly, providing both positive and constructive feedback.

The feedback will concern:

      • The content/issue development (e.g., burglary of beer from a garage)
      • Legal analysis (use of IRAC/CRAC per paragraph)
      • Writing mechanics (grammar, etc.)
      • Legal citations (Blue Book or State Style Manual)
      • Writing format/organization (e.g., Introduction, Discussion, and Conclusion)


Weekly Zoom Mentoring (includes Assignment Editing – $1,399 $999 Add-On)
Weekly, Professor Meyers will discuss the student’s progress on written assignments in a Zoom session. The editor will focus on:

  • The feedback stated in Assignment Editing above (content/issue development, IRAC/CRAC issues, etc.)
  • The point of the particular paper (e.g., legal memo)
  • The student’s overall progress 
  • Consistent problems the student’s writing throughout the assignments
  • Suggestions on how to write even more concisely and effectively

LWL will provide a Certificate of Completion to students completing an Add-On.

Students will learn the skills necessary to transform their legal writing skills.  They will:

  • Obtain a strong foundation in basic grammar and expository writing
  • Learn to perform legal writing in a practical and professional manner 
  • Draft legal memoranda, correspondence and motions, trial, and appellate briefs (in the Add-Ons)
  • Receive individualized editing on each written assignment (in the Add-Ons)
  • Meet with the professor to discuss the student’s performance and career plans (in the Weekly Zoom Mentoring Add-On)

In legal and non-legal document writing, students will:

  • Become skilled in analyzing the underlying subject matter and organizing their writing
  • Learn how to draft Power-Packed Paragraphs™, which will consist of the analytical structure of CRAC 
  • Review sheets (lecture notes) and personalized videos that the founder created
  • Draft writing assignments each week that an instructor will edit (in the Add-Ons)
  • Complete Core Grammar for Lawyers (in the Add-Ons)
  • We want you to be 100% satisfied with our Course
  • Legal Writing Launch has a 30-day refund policy from the date of purchase 
  • Bev Meyers, creator and instructor, is an award-winning professor
  • The Course is designed to progressively build student’s legal writing skills
  • We provide specific instruction on preparing litigation practice documents (e.g., legal memos., demand and opinion letters, motion, and appellate brief)
  • The busy student can simply watch the four-minute videos within each module
  • For the Assignment Editing and Weekly Zoom Meeting Add-Ons, there is one-on-one instructor feedback
  • A Certificate of Completion is available for the higher levels
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