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The Roots of Legal Writing Launch

“Having taught law courses and having supervised law students for many years, I realized that students studying the law needed a concise and practical course to improve their legal writing. I decided that I would create a package with ‘one-stop shopping’ so that students could learn the essence of legal writing for the professional environment. I soon learned that many law students lacked a mentor to guide them in their path to a fulfilling legal career. Within my coordination of the law student program in my section at the California Office of the Attorney General, I supervised law students, by editing their briefs and providing career mentoring. In my undergraduate teaching, I was initially surprised to learn that many students lacked grammatical and basic writing skills. As an Adjunct Professor, I made it my mission to improve students’ basic writing skills, as well as their legal writing. These are the roots of Legal Writing Launch.”

— Bev Meyers, founder

Professor Bev Meyers


Bev Meyers smiling with grey shirt

Professor Bev Meyers  (Bev or Professor Meyers) has had decades of experience in both editing law students’ legal drafts and mentoring them, as well as teaching legal writing to undergraduate students taking law courses.  As a law student coordinator at the California Office of the Attorney General, Bev supervised law students both in their brief and legal memo writing and their court appearances.  Professor Meyers has taught these courses over the last 30 years: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Law and Social Justice, Legal Writing, and Advanced Legal Writing. Bev graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law and was an editor on the Law Review. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts’ Degree in Speech Communication within the College of Literature, Science and the Arts, Honors Program. Professor Meyers is a lecturer on legal writing with the National Association of Continuing Legal Education and the United Institute for Continuing Legal Education.