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Three Tips for Student Success in Law School

You got into law school. Congratulations. Don’t assume that you will do well there. You have always done well. But, law school grades on a curve. Do not assume that you will do well on that curve. You can prepare before law school to do well. This blog addresses: College

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Tips for Pre-Law Students

Are you planning to go to law school?  Or maybe, you intend to work in the criminal justice field.  You are now or will be in a college or a university, where you will take pre-law courses. How do you do well in these pre-law courses? You can prepare for

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Tips for New Lawyer Success

Congratulations! You passed the Bar.  Maybe, you are hanging up a shingle (starting a solo practice).  Perhaps, you are joining a firm, a governmental agency, or a non-profit.  You might be fortunate enough to have landed a plum judicial clerkship. Don’t assume that you will do well there, initially.  Start

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Tips for Provisional Bar Licensees

Congratulations on your new-found status as a provisional Bar licensee!  You can practice law under a licensed attorney.  Are you ready to practice law under your attorney supervisor?  Will you be ready to take the Bar when you take it in the next couple of years?  Prepare now.  You can

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Tips for 1L Success in a First Job, Internship, or Clerkship

1Ls, do you feel ready to start that first job, internship or clerkship?   Congratulations, you made it through your first year of law school.  Do you really know how to write letters, motions, memos, and decisions for your first job, internship or clerkship? Don’t assume that you will do well there,

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Study Techniques for Incoming Law Students or 1Ls

You are ready to start law school!  Congratulations!  Make no mistake that there is a separate skill set required to do well on exams than there is for everyday participation in class.  Professors may tell you that if you read all of the assigned cases and discussion questions from the

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Interview with Dean Lisa Hutton

This is an interview between Bev Meyers, Founder of Legal Writing Launch, with Lisa Hutton, Dean of the John F. Kennedy School of Law.  The interview concerns three areas primarily, which are: provisional licensees practicing law under licensed attorneys, the importance of sound legal writing skills, and the Bar Exam

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Drafting a Strong Business Email in a Legal Setting

Students frequently believe that because email is email, they can draft a business email informally in a legal environment. This is not true. Students should use a business email format. Writing an email for a law firm, governmental office, or public interest law setting requires good and structured writing. So,

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Interview with Justice Jim Humes on Legal Writing (Part 1)

This is the first part of an interview with Bev Meyers, Founder of Legal Writing Launch, and Jim Humes, Presiding Justice of the California Court of Appeal, Division One.  This part of the interview discusses the following areas: Clarity in Briefs and the Editing Process Grammar in Legal Writing Legal

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