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Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Writing Launch offers different purchase options.

The Course ($199)
In the main course, students will review:

  • Short videos prepared by the founder providing writing examples and analysis
  • Concise lecture notes drafted by the founder also addressing writing examples and analysis
  • Select readings
In each document, students will learn how to:
  • Spot issues
  • Develop issues
  • Draft strong paragraphs
  • Use the IRAC/CRAC format
  • Write in plain English
  • Develop their grammatical skills

Assignment Editing ($899 $599 Add-On)
The student will draft and submit each assignment specified to Professor Meyers, who will then edit each assignment promptly, providing both positive and constructive feedback.

The feedback will concern:

      • The content/issue development (e.g., burglary of beer from a garage)
      • Legal analysis (use of IRAC/CRAC per paragraph)
      • Writing mechanics (grammar, etc.)
      • Legal citations (Blue Book or State Style Manual)
      • Writing format/organization (e.g., Introduction, Discussion, and Conclusion)


Weekly Zoom Mentoring (includes Assignment Editing – $1,399 $999 Add-On)
Weekly, Professor Meyers will discuss the student’s progress on written assignments in a Zoom session. The editor will focus on:

  • The feedback stated in Assignment Editing above (content/issue development, IRAC/CRAC issues, etc.)
  • The point of the particular paper (e.g., legal memo)
  • The student’s overall progress 
  • Consistent problems the student’s writing throughout the assignments
  • Suggestions on how to write even more concisely and effectively

LWL will provide a Certificate of Completion to students completing an Add-On.

Students will learn the skills necessary to transform their legal writing skills.  They will:

  • Obtain a strong foundation in basic grammar and expository writing
  • Learn to perform legal writing in a practical and professional manner 
  • Draft legal memoranda, correspondence and motions, trial, and appellate briefs (in the Add-Ons)
  • Receive individualized editing on each written assignment (in the Add-Ons)
  • Meet with the professor to discuss the student’s performance and career plans (in the Weekly Zoom Mentoring Add-On)

In legal and non-legal document writing, students will:

  • Become skilled in analyzing the underlying subject matter and organizing their writing
  • Learn how to draft Power-Packed Paragraphs™, which will consist of the analytical structure of CRAC 
  • Review sheets (lecture notes) and personalized videos that the founder created
  • Draft writing assignments each week that an instructor will edit (in the Add-Ons)
  • Complete Core Grammar for Lawyers (in the Add-Ons)
  • We want you to be 100% satisfied with our Course
  • Legal Writing Launch has a 30-day refund policy from the date of purchase 
  • Bev Meyers, creator and instructor, is an award-winning professor
  • The Course is designed to progressively build student’s legal writing skills
  • We provide specific instruction on preparing litigation practice documents (e.g., legal memos., demand and opinion letters, motion, and appellate brief)
  • The busy student can simply watch the four-minute videos within each module
  • For the Assignment Editing and Weekly Zoom Meeting Add-Ons, there is one-on-one instructor feedback
  • A Certificate of Completion is available for the higher levels
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