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Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Writing Launch offers different purchase options.

The Course ($199)
In the main course, students will review:

  • Short videos prepared by the founder providing writing examples and analysis
  • Concise lecture notes drafted by the founder also addressing writing examples and analysis
  • Select readings
In each document, students will learn how to:
  • Spot issues
  • Develop issues
  • Draft strong paragraphs
  • Use the IRAC/CRAC format
  • Write in plain English
  • Develop their grammatical skills

Assignment Editing ($299 Add-On)
The student will draft and submit each assignment specified to an experienced legal writer editor, who will then edit each assignment promptly, providing both positive and constructive feedback.

The feedback will concern:

      • The content/issue development (e.g., burglary of beer from a garage)
      • Legal analysis (use of IRAC/CRAC per paragraph)
      • Writing mechanics (grammar, etc.)
      • Legal citations (Blue Book or State Style Manual)
      • Writing format/organization (e.g., Introduction, Discussion, and Conclusion)


Weekly Zoom Mentoring (includes Assignment Editing – $499 Add-On)
Weekly, an experienced legal editor will discuss the student’s progress on written assignments in a Zoom session. The editor will focus on:

  • The feedback stated in Assignment Editing above (content/issue development, IRAC/CRAC issues, etc.)
  • The point of the particular paper (e.g., legal memo)
  • The student’s overall progress 
  • Consistent problems the student’s writing throughout the assignments
  • Suggestions on how to write even more concisely and effectively

In all levels of the Course, students will learn the skills necessary to transform their legal writing skills.  Students will obtain a strong foundation in basic grammar and expository writing.  Students will learn to perform legal writing in a practical and professional manner.  In the Add-Ons of Assignment Editing or Weekly Zoom Mentoring (includes Assignment Editing), students will draft legal memoranda, correspondence (including a demand and opinion letter) and motions, trial, and appellate briefs (briefs that are filed with the court). Depending on the level of the course purchased—Add-Ons of Assignment Editing or Weekly Zoom Mentoring (includes Assignment Editing)—an instructor will edit each written assignment submitted and provide feedback. For the Assignment Editing and Weekly Zoom Mentoring Add-Ons, this is a one-on-one personalized tutoring program. At the Weekly Zoom Mentoring level, the assigned instructor/editor will have a weekly Zoom meeting with the student to discuss the student’s performance and career plans.

In legal and non-legal document writing, students will become skilled in analyzing the underlying subject matter and organizing their writing, so that the intended reader will find the document easily understandable. In legal documents, students will learn how to draft Power-Packed Paragraphs™, which will consist of the analytical structure of CRAC (Conclusion, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion, an updated version of Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion). To develop these skills, students will review sheets (lecture notes) and personalized videos that the founder created, in addition to other resources. For students purchasing the Assignment Editing or Weekly Zoom Meeting Add-Ons, students will draft writing assignments each week that an instructor will edit.  Students, taking these Add-Ons, will also complete modules in the computer platform, Core Grammar for Lawyers.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students taking pre-law courses could benefit, as well. 

Law students

The intended audience is incoming law students and law students ready to work in their first job or internship (whether it be in summer, during the school year, or awaiting bar results).  The course will also benefit students who are about to take their State Bar Exam or have failed their Bar exam. 


Lawyers—especially new lawyers and solo practitioners—seeking to make their writing more efficient and effective, could learn from the course and greatly enhance their effectiveness in all legal proceedings. 

Provisional Licensees

Provisional licensees—lawyers conditionally admitted to their State Bar to practice under a licensed attorney prior to taking their State’s Bar exam.  


Practicing paralegals should also take the course to enhance their writing skills in order to obtain a raise, promotion, or better and more challenging work assignments. 

Others Seeking Workplace Training

Because attorneys, paralegals, and other professionals could benefit from the Course, private, governmental and non-profit employers should make the Course available as training for their employees.

Other Professionals

Professionals in the fields of Human Resources and Regulatory Compliance could learn much from the course.

There are averages below for a “full court press” in tackling the Course.  Suffice it to say, for the busy student taking the Basic Course, students could learn much from simply listening to the videos, in which each one provides a lesson with document examples.  These videos, on average, are only about 4 minutes!  Students should be able to listen to the videos much like a podcast when they are driving or performing work around the house.

For a more deliberate effort, on average, students will invest the following time per week (assuming a six-week schedule):

  • Reading approximately two chapters (or other materials) and sheets (lecture notes) per week: 2 hours
  • Reviewing videos (created by the founder): 15-30 minutes      

 On average, students will invest the following time in the requisite assignments at the Assignment Editing and Weekly Zoom Mentoring levels per week:

  • Reading approximately two chapters (or other materials) and sheets (lecture notes) per week: 2 hours
  • Reviewing videos (created by the founder): 15-30 minutes          
  • Drafting written assignments (and reviewing instructor feedback): 4 hours
  • Completing modules on Core Grammar for Lawyers: 1 hour
  • Total Weekly Average: 8 hours per week

Students enrolling in the Weekly Mentoring level should add an additional 15 minutes per week for the mentoring session with an editor.  For a student’s timely and successful completion of the Assignment Editing and Weekly Zoom Mentoring levels, the founder will issue the student a Certificate of Completion.

The expectation is that students will complete all coursework (in the Assignment Editing or Weekly Zoom Mentoring levels) within one year from enrollment to complete written assignments.  After that, a legal writing editor will not edit any assignments that a student submits.  Also, students must complete the writing assignments in the order provided because each assignment builds upon the prior one.  The Course is self-paced.  Students will have lifetime access to the Course.  And, there is no deadline to complete the basic course.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with our Course.  Legal Writing Launch has a 30-day refund policy from the date of purchase.