Media Kit:
Bev Meyers

Founder of Legal Writing Launch

Email or call (415) 939-6460 for podcast bookings

Bev Meyers (Bev or Professor Meyers) is an award-winning law professor and attorney.

She has had over 30 years of experience teaching and practicing law at the California Office of the Attorney General. 

Professor Meyers teaches pop law–current affairs through the lens of law. She recently lectured on the George Floyd case. 

In 2020, Bev created Legal Writing Launch, an online legal writing course.


Email or call (415) 939-6460 for podcast bookings

Ask Me

  • How do you remain true to yourself in practicing law?
  • How do you work with difficult legal employers/supervisors?
  • Do you have any advice for new lawyers?
  • Can you tell me about private practice v. governmental practice?
  • What is Legal Writing Launch?
  • What is effective legal writing for the attorney practitioner?
  •  How do you train new lawyers in effective legal writing?
  • Can you explain the verdicts in “The George Floyd Case (Defendant Derek Chauvin)?
  • How do you teach legal concepts using pop law?
  • How do you work well with paralegals?
  • How do you maximize your relationships with law clerks?

Email or call (415) 939-6460 for podcast bookings

Blog Posts

Tips for New Lawyer Success

Congratulations! You passed the Bar.  Maybe, you are hanging up a shingle (starting a solo practice).  Perhaps, you are joining a firm, a governmental agency,

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Email or call (415) 939-6460 for podcast bookings

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