New Attorneys

Legal Writing Launch (LWL) has been my savior. I am a licensed attorney who needed to improve my legal writing skills. LWL is a comprehensive course that is practical, hands-on, and fun. After taking the initial grammar assessment in Core Grammar for Lawyers, I realized how little grammar I knew after my studies at law school. Each reading and writing assignment, in LWL, is designed to help students develop their legal writing skills gradually and effectively. The founder Professor Bev Meyers cares about her students’ learning. I recommend the Course to anyone who is serious about improving their legal writing skills.
Kanako K. Blondet, Esq.
Law Offices of Kanako K. Blondet Long Beach, California
As a practicing attorney with little writing experience since law school, I found the Legal Writing Launch Course extremely helpful. Completing the assignments in the course allowed me to improve my legal writing skills. I found the instructor’s feedback and constructive criticism to be invaluable. The instructor was supportive, flexible and and responsive. I benefited from the years of expertise that the instructor has and feel much more confident in my legal writing abilities.
Nasheia Conway

Passing the Bar

Having taken the California Bar twice, I then took the LWL Weekly Zoom Meeting Add-On. I passed the California Bar Exam on my third try! The assignments in LWL are similar to those on the Bar's Performance Test. I have become a different writer than I was when I started just a few months ago. I wish I had discovered LWL long ago; it would have made a huge difference in my legal education and my Bar performance.
Richard Rose
John F. Kennedy School of Law, J.D., Class of 2019 California Bar Exam passage, October 2020
I took the California Bar Exam three times. Then, I took the (Legal Writing Launch) LWL Weekly Zoom Meeting Add-On. I passed the Bar on my fourth attempt! LWL's program simulates the Bar Exam's Performance Test. Professor Meyers’s feedback regarding writing assignments was invaluable.
Justin Swierchek
John F. Kennedy University, School of Law Graduate, J.D., Class of 2016 California Bar Exam passage, October 2020

Law Students

I took the Legal Writing Launch Course (Course) the summer before my 1L. I am extremely happy that I did! Professor Meyers introduced me to basic and legal writing concepts that will be extremely useful in my first year. Her big focus is on the CRAC method: Conclusion, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion. Professor Meyers has students apply CRAC through the different lessons, and builds students’ skills by having them write legal memoranda, advice and demand letters, a motion, and an appellate brief. She teaches students how to detect common flaws in grammar. Even those who think they have a solid grasp of grammar will be surprised to see how much they can improve.  Taking this course has significantly bolstered my confidence going into law school.
Alex Kleinman
Tulane University School of Law, Graduating Class of 2024


Before taking Legal Writing Launch, I had no legal writing experience. I learned valuable skills after completing each writing assignment and listening to Bev's feedback. My overall grammatical skills improved after taking this course as well. I feel so much more confident drafting legal documents in a professional setting now that I've completed Legal Writing Launch.
Alex Woods

Worked with Professor Meyers

Bev Meyers is a clear writer, sharp editor, and thoughtful mentor. Having her as a supervisor early in my legal career was invaluable—with her assistance, I developed my own approach to legal writing and the courage to be a better writer. While working in the California Office of the Attorney General, under Bev’s supervision, I drafted briefs opposing motions for writ of mandate, a cease and desist letter, and legal research memoranda. Not only does Bev draw upon her significant experience to help train young lawyers, she is interested in constantly growing herself—I found her openness, kindness, and passion for life one of the best parts of her teaching style. I cannot recommend Bev more highly to develop legal writing technical skills and one’s voice.
Malia McPherson Law School, Deputy City Attorney, Oakland
Malia McPherson, Stanford Law School, J.D. 2016
Deputy City Attorney, Oakland City Attorney's Office
Bev helped launch my career as a legal writer. When I was a law clerk, Bev taught me how to write concisely, make my point powerfully, and organize my arguments and evidence to be as clear and persuasive as possible. I drafted memos and a motion to dismiss. I have used these skills throughout my career, first as an associate, then as the Legal Director for nonprofit California Common Cause, and now as small business owner, running my own policy and legal consulting firm. Bev is an experienced and natural teacher. I am excited that, with her online legal writing program, she will be able to reach even more attorneys and students.
Nicolas Heidorn, Harvard Law School, Class of 2011
Principal, Heidorn Consulting
I took several paralegal courses from Bev Meyers when I attended John F. Kennedy University. What I really like about Bev it that she always took the time to help her students improve their legal writing skills. I can say with certainty that what I learned from Bev has carried over into my current profession as a real estate professional. In my profession, I negotiate, in writing, real estate purchase contracts and draft e-mails that, if not written carefully, could lead to lawsuits. For any professional looking to take their legal writing skills to the next level, I highly recommend Bev Meyers to mentor them.
Sonia Ledo, John F. Kennedy University
Paralegal Degree Program, Class of 2012
Bachelors of Arts, 2013
I attended Professor Meyers’s Legal Writing class at John F. Kennedy University in the Winter 2017 quarter as a requirement for the paralegal degree program. Professor Meyers’s class successfully exposed, and corrected, the biggest weaknesses in my grammar and punctuation, and my writing has since improved ten-fold. Professor Meyers is a stellar reminder of what a university professor should be. I can confidently say that the skills I learned in Professor Meyers’s legal writing class will be an asset to me throughout my legal career.
Jessica Melton JFK University, Paralegal Student
Jessica Melton, Paralegal and John F. Kennedy University
Paralegal Degree Program, Class of 2017
I first worked with Bev Meyers as an intern during my second year of law school, at Golden Gate University, and then, as an extern, after I graduated. As my supervisor, Bev was instrumental in my early development in the area of legal writing, particularly in drafting legal memoranda and motions. Her editing was invaluable. I had a rare opportunity to work extensively with an experienced lawyer and legal writer during and right after law school. After I completed law school, I joined the Office of the Attorney General’s Criminal Division, where I wrote appellate briefs in all California appellate courts and in the California Supreme Court. I worked there for twenty years before I retired in 2011. I believe that my work as an intern and extern served as the foundation for my work as an appellate lawyer, where I wrote extensively. I cannot recommend Bev highly enough as a legal writing instructor.
Mike Banister headshot, deputy attorney general (retired)
Mike Banister, Golden Gate University School of Law, 1999
Deputy Attorney General (Retired), California Office of the Attorney General
Author of Stolen Identity and Mystics and Warriors
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